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YouthBuild: Building Projects and Confidence

What is YouthBuild?

The YouthBuild program is a national program run by the Department of Labor that offers vocational training for 16-24 year old students. Michigan Works! runs the local Benton Harbor chapter. Participants receive compensation for their work, along with academic support, transportation and individual support.

Who can Join?

Students are qualified to join YouthBuild if they:

- are 16-24 years old

- come from a low income household

- have an incarcerated parent

- dropped out of high school

Measuring Growth

“The goal of YouthBuild is to see students come in through our doors and leave with more confidence, integrity, and a desire to grow,” said Caleb Weeks, Program Manager at YouthBuild Benton Harbor. The program supported over 70 students during the last three years.

Recent Projects

YouthBuild students work on construction projects in nearby communities. Favorite projects include a playground and a house that was purchased and reconstructed.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about YouthBuild or how to enroll, call 269-927-1064 or stop by the Michigan Works! Service Center, 499 W Main St, in Benton Harbor.


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