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Bridge Academy Update

Dear Students and Parents,

With just over three months of school remaining in 2020-21, we are pleased to let you know that Bridge Academy will now be offering limited on-site instruction for students beginning the week of March 1.

Many of you have been doing an outstanding job getting your work done from home, and we are very proud of you for continuing to work towards your goals during this pandemic. We will not be requiring in person training but would like you to have the option to come in for one day during the week to work with the academic team, receive vocational training and meet with your success coach.

Interested students will be assigned a day to work onsite by their success coach. We will also be available by appointment only on Mondays. The Bridge Academy team will be continuing to follow our COVID safety plan, which will include wearing a mask while on the bus and in the building. . If you are interested in taking advantage of this in person option, please reach out to your success coach.

We look forward to your continued success.

Sincerely, Bridge Academy Staff


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