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The Link: A Business Resource Network

Losing employees is expensive- think approximately $3,500 per person to replace. For a region with many small businesses, that number can be catastrophic. Logically, the best way to combat that is to retain incumbent employees and keep them happy- but HOW?

Enter The Link. We saw the need to help employers address barriers that keep people from staying in their job, and knew a business resource network could be just the solution needed.

So, what is a business resource network (BRN)?

A BRN is a demand driven model that focuses on sustainable solutions and engages employers in workforce services. Our BRN, the LINK, provides businesses and their employees with weekly onsite support services through a Success Coach and intense case management. This coach provides solution management, holistic assessment, involvement and validation of barrier removal to assure sustained employment.

The Link was launched in September of 2016, with support from United Way and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Through success coaches, 550 employees with nearly 900 barriers have been helped in that time.

Fifteen companies representing multiple sectors are current members of the Link. They see the BRN as an added benefit package to their employees. By treating employees as valued members of the organization, they can build loyalty, boost morale, and in theory- increase their profits.

From the employee perspective, life sometimes delivers a hardball that they aren’t sure how to hit. Their car dies, they can’t afford childcare, there isn’t enough money to get groceries this week- they are essentially one flat tire away from disaster. Success Coaches help combat that through barrier removal, financial literacy, and community resource referral.


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