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Success With Michigan Works!

We're your "one-stop shop" for all your workforce needs.

Local business turn to Michigan Works! Berrien, Cass, Van Buren for all of their workforce needs.

Business Development at Michigan Works!

Michigan Works! first works to identify key challenges organizations in Southwest Michigan face, such as retaining employees and adjusting to change within the workforce economy. Then, we provide resources to help address and solve these challenges.

Why Work With US?

Industry Knowledge: 

We bring a wealth of industry information, the ability to dig in and conduct research and customized tools to help your business succeed.

Broker of Resources: 

Funding. Talent recruitment. Workforce planning. The Michigan Works! team does it all.

Individual and Customized Support: 

We meet obstacles with the support you need and offers personalized and collaborative solutions.

What Our Team Can Do For You:

“I am assisting in establishing a Sourcing/Screening program that will vet appropriate candidates for companies. The goal of the program is to gain an understanding of the skill level and work readiness each job seeker is currently at, allowing us to determine who needs more training, and which company(ies) would be a good match. We create an employee profile, thus speeding up the hiring process for each of the companies we are working with.”

–Paul Brohman

Business Account Manager

“Working together and with our other partners, a local business owner developed and implemented a new strategic plan in 2017 and supported with workforce funding, he began investing in the training of his people, empowering them to work smarter. When I stopped by recently, he had upgraded his plant, won a new contract and was looking to continue to grow his workforce in the near future. A big win for the local area!” 

-Mark O’Reilly

Business Account Manager


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