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7 Reasons Why Southwest Michigan Is A Great Place To Live

Michigan Works! employees tell us they love living in Southwest Michigan. Here are a few of the favorite things that make this area a special stand-out.

Lake Michigan Beaches – Grab your towels and swim gear, and head to the lake. Southwest Michigan provides access to many beautiful sandy beaches. We have 55 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline right here in our region.

Ice Cream – From gigantic ice cream cones at Sherman Dairy Bar to homemade waffle cones at Kilwin's, Southwest Michigan’s ice cream shops have your cravings covered.

Gathering Spots – Local brew pubs and wineries cover Southwest Michigan. Be sure to explore them all for unique atmospheres and local tastes.

Proximity to South Bend Airport – Looking to plan an affordable vacation? Towns in Southwest Michigan are located less than an hour from the South Bend International Airport — an affordable starting point for winter-friendly tropical destinations.

Outside Adventure – It’s not difficult to find an adventure in Southwest Michigan, where kayak rentals, hammocking trees, and golf courses abound. Southwest Michigan is home to over 30 state and municipal designated parks, preserves and natural areas.

Fresh Produce – Summertime in Southwest Michigan signals the bountiful return of fruit stands, farmers markets, and u-pick farms.

Active Lifestyle – Residents of Southwest Michigan enjoy access to affordable gyms, miles of paved trails, and fun-to-climb sand dunes — all to help maintain healthy and active lifestyles.


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