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We understand the complex issues that are effecting your business. Our Business Account Managers are ready to help you tackle your workforce issues by connecting you to resources that will address your talent needs, including training funds to train and retain.

Going PRO Talent Fund:

Previously called the Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF), Going PRO is a competitive funding source that provides a solution to skill shortages throughout the State of Michigan. Our Business Team helps local employers navigate the process of applying for these funds and helps develop a plan based on needed skills in the industry. Reach out to our business team to learn more.

On-The-Job Training

The On-The-Job Training (OJT) program provides companies with financial reimbursement for the cost of training and supervising employees who, upon hire, have outdated or incomplete skill sets. Reimbursement pays for 75 percent of an employee's wages up to six months of work. The program is intended to give dislocated workers the updated skills they need to return to the workforce and to give employers the skilled employees they need to sustain and grow their business.


Customized Training

This program provides funds to upgrade the skills of existing staff.  We can help establish a customized workforce training program specific to your business and workforce needs. This program is designed to assist employers with retaining talent and improving the overall skill level of their workforce, so they remain relevant and competitive in the modern economy.

Team Portrait
If you need assistance recruiting your team, expanding your business, or training your team, contact one of our Business Account Managers below for a needs assessment.



Michael Mompremier
Cell: (269) 757-3967
Office: (269) 927-
1064 ext. 1166

Van Buren & Cass


Jenni Leich
Cell: (269) 200-4346
Office: (269) 927-1064, ext. 1636

Director of Business Solutions

Mark O’Reilly 
Cell: (269) 267-
Office: (269) 927-1064 ext. 1284

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