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The LINK is a tool designed to assist companies by ensuring their employees’ personal needs are met and therefore, improving workplace engagement.

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Why                         ?


Losing employees is expensive - it takes approximately $3,500 per person to replace.


For a region with many small businesses, that number can be catastrophic. Logically, the best way to combat that is to retain incumbent employees and keep them happy - but HOW?

Our Business Resource Network, The Link, benefits the employer by removing barriers employees face, impacting the company's bottom line by increased employee engagement.





Many employees are facing barriers to their employment. Here's what we found to be the most pressing issues.







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Since 2016, we have served 1,272 people who were at risk of losing their job, by addressing nearly 3,000 barriers.

Some employment is economically fragile and possesses significant debt or is at risk of an economic downward spiral from a single life emergency. The LINK is here to meet the needs of employers by helping break down the barriers their employees face and begin the path to being financially stable. We provide on-site support and training to employers member companies, so that their team can reach it's highest potential. The LINK can be thought of as an investment in your staff and a benefit for your employees. This program is offered in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services.


The LINK provides a Success Coach that is available to the workforce both on and off-site to meet with employees in need of assistance. They can confidentially help employees with improving employment skills, overcoming family/personal barriers, and preparing for advancement opportunities.

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Is The LINK right for your business?

Consider these questions to determine if your business can benefit from The LINK:


  • Are people staying on the job?

  • How much time and money does your organization spend hiring and retraining employees due to turnover?

  • Is productivity impacted?

  • Are revenues lost because of lack of human capital?

  • Are there absenteeism issues?

  • Is human capital adequate for business and economy growth?

  • Are there enough people ready to hire?

  • Do you spend time searching for resources to help employees?

Solutions we provide:

Common barriers your employees could be facing include lack of reliable transportation, food insecurity, unsafe housing, and financial and medical issues. We, along with our partners, have been able to provide long term solutions for employees facing these barriers, including:


  • First Church of God Car Ministry

  • Ride Share program

  • On-site food trucks

  • One-on one budget counseling

  • Financial literacy classes

  • Assistance applying for medical coverage

  • Referrals to free, low-cost counseling

  • Eviction prevention support


For more information on The Link, contact Mark O'Reilly, at (269) 267-1153 or

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