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Employee Spotlight - Amanda Dimmer

Growing up, Amanda Dimmer always knew she wanted to help people. Involved in soccer and competitive cheer in high school, Dimmer had coaches there to help guide her to becoming the best version of herself on and off the field.

At Western Michigan University, Dimmer was highly involved with on-campus activities. Whether it was doing community service with her Delta Zeta Sorority, or her work as a member of the Non-Profit Leadership Student Association, Amanda Dimmer has always been one to help others.

It is because of these reasons Dimmer is not surprised with her role at Michigan Works!, as the Youth Development Specialist.

“It feels amazing and fulfilling knowing the effort I put into my job and my youth is truly helping them better their lives. It's one of the best feelings when my participants start to see that they can achieve more than they thought they would ever be able to” Dimmer said.

Dimmer’s role as a Youth Development Specialist is unique because she is working with young people, ages 16-24, who have dropped out of the traditional school system. Once these youths are connected to Dimmer, she is able to help them overcome barriers and help them succeed in education and employment.

“It’s more so coaching, I am coaching them through these things like education, financial literacy, budgeting, and job searching. I see myself as a coach to them,” Dimmer said.

Dimmer loves working with the youth and sees herself staying with that age group.

Down the road, Dimmer hopes to become a youth director.

“I want to play an integral part in establishing a really strong youth program. I want to make the program beneficial to the youth community,” Dimmer said.


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